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Every day at VIBGYOR 100+ experts give their all to increase the competitiveness of our clients. We gather together all the insights, counsel teams and execute solutions. VIBGYOR helps in transforming their companies and strengthening their competitiveness.

Converging identity diverging services

Our goal is to offer first-rate expertise in every field of action and on every subject where our clients are working. To do this, VIBGYOR has different, specialized subsidiaries and units to combine all relevant competencies – strategy and management consulting, process consulting, and industry and technology expertise with IT consulting and services – under one roof.

We are certain that our clients have an advantage when we integrate all services and provide them from a single source. We highly value this approach and in equal measure the networks and interplay of our specialists. This is because individual fields of action often cannot be separated in day-to-day business.


The concentrated expertise of VIBGYOR puts its clients always one idea ahead of their competitors.

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